ED201 Studio, CA
Instructor: John Ellis
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What will the Baylands be in ten years, twenty years or one hundred years? The Future Baylands is providing more than 20,000 household units, thousands of job opportunities, storm-water and sea-level rise solutions, plenty of open public spaces as well as livable and walk-able neighborhoods, by relocating the freeway 101, reconnecting the Brisbane by transit and increasing coastal resilience.
Moving the freeway to the bay is a must under the danger of sea level rise and needs for access to the water. Besides, it frames astonishing views no matter from the freeway or the Baylands. Guiding the water into the site not only addresses storm-water and sea level rise problem of this site but it also creates wetlands as bird habitats and recreational spaces for humans. Last, the proposed Caltrain and Lightrail stations will bring more opportunities, at the same time connecting the Brisbane and the Baylands to the bay area.
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